Hayo'u Clear Quartz Crystal Eye Mask

Hayo'u Clear Quartz Crystal Eye Mask

Our Clear Quartz Crystal Eye Mask will give you a truly transformative experience. Simply place it gently over the eyes and relax while the cooling crystals decrease puffiness, soothe tired eyes and release tension.

Each crystal is designed to move and adapt to the unique features of the face, providing full coverage so you get the maximum benefits. And it’s not just for the eyes. Simply flip the mask down to the lower portion of the face for a cooling experience on the jaw and neck.

According to Chinese medicine, clear quartz or the ‘Master Healer’, is believed to remove heat from the body created from the stresses of the day, calms the mind and improves the flow of Qi (energy flow).

As an added extra, use the Clear Quartz Compress and massage over the top of the crystal mask, pushing the crystals into the skin and the facial muscles giving them a crystal vibration massage.