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Hayo'u Rose Quartz Precision Tool.

Hayo'u Rose Quartz Precision Tool.

The Hayo’u Rose Quartz Gua Sha precision tool targets delicate skin around the eyes and lips with pinpoint accuracy and wakes up your skin.


Use this cooling crystal in the mornings to soothe skin. It is also perfect for sensitive skin.


Benefits to Facial Gua Sha:


Brighten and strengthen the skin.

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Tones the face.

Relax muscle tension.

Strengthens connectice tissues.

Regulates oil production.

Stimulates cells responsible for collagen production.

Improve nutrient delivery and product absorption.

Minimise the appearance of scars.

Decreases puffiness and pore size.

Plumps lips.

Reduces general stress levels. 

Improve energy flow.

Support circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Helps Lift, plump and sculpt.


Please read the safety guide carefully


Always start with a gentle pressure with your Gua Sha techniques. With practice your skin will become accustomed to Gua Sha and you will soon be able to apply a pressure with some technique if necessary.


Do not use Gua Sha if you have


Botox or filler on the area you are wanting to Gua Sha. (please check with your Gua Sha therapist or techer for advice)

Broken capillaries in the area you are wanting to Gua Sha.

Very thin skin that bruises easily.

Multiple moles in the treatment area.

Open wounds, skin lesions, sores, burns on the area you would like to work on.


I offer 1-1 virtual sessions in how to use facial Gua Sha, please look at my 1-1 sessions for more details. 

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